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The most common cockroaches found in B.C. are German cockroaches. Cockroaches have three stages in their life cycle: The egg, immature nymph roaches and the adult. The female will deposit egg capsules containing 40 eggs in each capsule. Eggs hatch within 16-28 days, depending on temperature. Once the eggs are hatched, the nymphs take 74-103 days to develop into adults, depending on temperature.

German cockroaches are most active at night. The majority of cockroaches will be found in the kitchen, in cupboards, under or behind fridges and stoves, in microwaves, coffee machines and clocks. Bathrooms are also a common place to find cockroaches.

German cockroaches have a pheromone in their excrement, which attracts other cockroaches to the same area. This means they will be more concentrated in specific areas. Adults will feed on almost anything. The nymphs will feed on human food, as well as the adult cockroach excrement.

Cockroaches may enter your home from used furniture or appliances, bulk foods, suitcases or adjoining walls in condo or apartment buildings. If your home is not clean or cluttered, there is more of a chance to have larger infestations and control may be more difficult.

Sanitation is therefore important to prevent or lessen the cockroach problem. Sanitation measures include:

  • Removing grease and food debris from all kitchen surfaces, including behind and under fridge and stoves
  • Storing food in insect-proof containers
  • Repair moisture leaks
  • Sealing cracks and crevices to prevent cockroaches from hiding

Methods of Cockroach Control

Most cockroach problems can be controlled by using baits. Baiting will provide 100% control of the existing infestation. Spraying with residual insecticide may not achieve 100% control after the first treatment. Spraying will start to show results quicker than baiting, but baiting will provide long-term control.

The other advantage of baiting for cockroaches is that the residents do not have to vacate the home, and it is not necessary to remove all articles from your kitchen cupboard. Spraying is usually used if the cockroach problem is severe and a quick knock-down is needed. Once the majority of the cockroach problem has decreased, baits should be applied. **Do not bait and spray at the same time.

Treatment of cockroaches in a single-family home carries a one-year warranty. Single suites or condo/apartments carry a three-month warranty. Contact Gilpins Pest Control to learn more about your options in the Lower Mainland or Greater Vancouver Area.


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